Content Warning: This episode contains very strong language about violence, rape, and sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.

Madeline and Sharon just watched The Last Duel on Amazon Prime because they had heard about the interesting three perspective view of a medieval rape. It’s part GOT wannabe and feminist view of rape (kind of but maybe not really) movie written by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck (who are both in it) and Nicole Holefcener (who wrote one of Sharon’s favorite movies, Lovely and Amazing. There are many spoilers in this discussion but the co-hosts agree that their discussion is a lot more interesting than the superficial reviews of the movie by the NYT or Guardian. They conclude there are some quintessential problems and questions raised by the middle perspective of Jacques Le Gris, played by Adam Driver. And Jody Comer  (All About Eve) is fabulous.  


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Sharon and Madeline had been wanting to talk about Britney Spears for ever so long, and conveniently they had scheduled a recording for Nov. 14th which happened to be 2 days after Britney was “freed” from her conservatorship. Issues around “sex positivity” as an illusion, mental illness, and patriarchy frame this discussion of an iconic pop star who was basically enslaved for the past 13 years.





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Podcast: Toxic: The Britney Spears Story


Rockwell, D., & Giles, D. C. (2009). Being a celebrity: a phenomenology of fame. Journal of phenomenological psychology40(2), 178.


Raven Simone interview


Rolling Stone interviews with Jenny Eliscu


NewYorker article






Madeline, Sharon, and their guest Julie Koven have all taught undergraduates and graduate students courses in sex and sexuality. When they read the 2019 story about Professor Cashton who was chastised for hot-tubbing with his students and regaling them with stories of his own sexual exploits, they asked themselves where their own boundaries lay. Would they hot tub with their students? Would they go to a strip club, for research purposes? How much would they reveal to their students about their own sexual lives and how do they respond to their students’ sexual revelations!

Judith Levine is a guest in this episode as Madeline and Sharon talk to her about her fascinating book, The Feminist and the Sex Offender, Confronting Sexual Harm, Ending State Violence co-authored by Erica Meiners, and published by Verso Press.

Judith Levine is the author of several other books including Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex which was published in 2002. We discuss “carceral” vs “abolitionist” feminists and work through our curiosities and differences around sex offending. We ask who counts as a sex offender, and what counts as a sex offense.  We debate punishment vs. restorative justice and apply this to research on recidivism. We also ask provocatively why, why as a feminist has she chosen to defend sex offenders when violence against women is still rampant? Savvy, funny, and oh so smart, you’ll want to hear Judith describe her book and brilliantly address our questions and concerns!


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In this episode Sharon and Madeline discuss Cardie B’s W.A.P. from their different generational feminist points of view. With consideration of a couple of decades of work on the sexualization of women and girls, they do find something to celebrate, as well as a few things to ponder over.

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Dick Haymes & The Song Spinners, "It Can't be Wrong (Remastered)-Single." 

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Professor Sharon Lamb's Books




Saying whatever we want to say

Imperfect Strangers

In this podcast, Madeline and Sharon go over all the changes to Title IX guidelines proposed by Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. As they fearlessly and with little expertise think through the legal and financial motivators for the new guidelines, they remain staunch supporters of victims/survivors for which they do have some expertise. These changes are a bummer, but they try to end on a positive note discussing what campuses can do to still support victims who come forward.


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Dick Haymes & The Song Spinners, "It Can't be Wrong (Remastered)-Single." 

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In this episode Sharon and Madeline  express their dismay over liberals’ response to Tara Reade’s accusation against former Vice President Joe Biden. Asserting their “expert” status on victims and sexual violence, they discuss why they believe her allegations and fume over the hypocrisy of those who supported Christine Blasey-Ford who now are doubting a different victim when it is inconvenient to believe her. 

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Dick Haymes & The Song Spinners, "It Can't be Wrong (Remastered)-Single." 

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Sharon and Madeline respond to the recent rape story in the news described by E. Jean Carroll, about her encounter with President Trump in a department store dressing room, over 20 years ago. This leads them to consider the burden we place on victims to be the right kind of victim or to inhabit a victim persona. They respond to some of the attacks on Ms. Carroll and reinforce the idea of the #metoo movement, that these experiences are commonplace, but also that responses to these kinds of experiences vary among victims.

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Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC interview of her

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Sarah Ahmed on complaining

Second Rape

Consent Part 2: A Closer Look at Dating Aziz Ansari

Madeline and Sharon go back to their longstanding habit of commenting on old news, because it’s taken them months of thinking, consulting, processing, and muddling through to come to their comprehensive opinions on dating, dating violations, sexual assaults, and the ethical wrongs of that encounter. Starting with the recent story of the president kissing a staffer without consent, the two walk through the narrative of the date from hell that “Grace” had with Aziz Ansari. Below are some references we used, or some facts we looked up after the fact, when we couldn’t think of a fact while recording! Another Woman Accuses Trump of Kissing Her Without Consent

“I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life.”

How the Suffragette Movement Betrayed Black Women

‘Spontaneous’ Sexual Consent: An Analysis of Sexual Consent Literature”

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